Hair Barrettes


Continuing my jewelry making streak, I designed and made these for one of my close friends for Christmas. The top barrett is made out of 9 strips of elastic braided together, with a string of pearl-like beads being sown in as well. The bottom barrett is made out of a chain of beads, and white fabric covering the mettalic barrette underneath.

Steampunk Weapons

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I attend various conventions in steampunk regalia, and required a weapon for the outfits. I created these weapons by disassembling broken NERF water guns, sawing, sanding, spray painting, gluing, and combining the pieces back together to make the final products shown here.

Origami Creations

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These are 3D modular origami structures, with the smaller spheres being made of 24 individual strips of paper, and the larger spheres being made of 60 individual strips of paper. Each origami sphere takes between four and eight hours to make, depending on the size. As for the hexagonal boxes, they are formed from 2 individual 8.5/11 sheets of paper.

High School 3D Printing

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During my junior year of High School, our school gained access to two MakerBot 3D printers. The above slideshow shows all the figures I printed during that year. I created all of the CAD files using Tinkercad. I initially created miniatures, such as the crab and the bear, to use in my Tephra campaign. However, I quickly moved into designing larger creations for table decorations, such as the crystal chalice and the clock towers.

If you want to print any of these designs out for yourself, you can see them here. Please be aware that all of my creations are under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, so anyone can remix, tweak, and build upon these works non-commercially, as long as they credit me and license their new creations under the identical terms.

Steampunk Cloak

This is a cloak I made as a birthday gift to one of my friends for use at both renaissance festivals and San Japan, an anime convention. The cloak is sown from a set of curtains, and is fully lined. As a starting point, I bought a commercial pattern, but added the embellishments of my own design.

Rock Wall

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For Christmas one year, my parents gave me components for a rockwall: the hand and foot holds as well as the wood. I designed the wall myself and was assisted in the construction by my father. I repurposed an old play structure in my backyard for the underlying support system. After construction, I planned out separate routes of varying levels of difficulty which can be partially seen from the different coloured tape markers on the wall.