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ShortStacked is a couch co-op stealth game where you play as two kids stacked in a trench coat, getting up to comic-worty shenanigans! It’s cute, whimsical, and a little bit chaotic. Actively work with each other to reach your objectives and build a comic-worthy story along the way.

This game is available for FREE on itch!

This game was created over the course of 9 months with a team of about 15 people, and has about 40 minutes of gameplay!

This game was selected to be a showcase game at USC Games Expo 2020!

I was the Lead Designer for this project, and was involved in nearly every facet of the project. However, my largest contributions to the project were in the level design and through creating design documentation for the team.

I designed and iterated every level from the graybox stage to completion, as well as iterated and redesigned the core mechanic. Specifically, the game used to be completely first person, but we shifted it to being completely third person.

For documentation, I updated and maintained the game’s design document that was used as a communication tool between the different teams to better understand the vision of the game. Click here to view the design document.

In addition, I rigged and animated the character model which is used in the final build!

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