Magic: the Gathering Cube

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For those who do not know, a M:tG Cube is a curated list of Magic: The Gathering cards to create a unique environment to play games of Magic. These curated lists are similar to be played like ordinary sets, where players open packs of cards and play games of magic using just the cards they opened. However, since cubes are curated lists, the powerlevel of cards can be much higher than what is found in normal sets, or create wild environments that also wouldn’t be seen in an ordinary set.

My cube is designed to feel similar to an ordinary set in terms of composition, but slightly higher power level than the average magic set.

The cube originated from a pile of excess cards that I had lying around, and I’ve been continuously updating it for one and a half years at this point, ensuring balance between each viable strategy.

The cube has 10 explicit strategies, with over 20 possible specific strategies that are viable and can win. With only 375 cards in the cube, nearly every card must fit into multiple strategiees in order to make the inclusion, while also being of a high enough power level to be considered in the first place.

To see the full list of cards, please click here.

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