Murder of Innocence (Innocents?)


This is the campaign that I am currently working on. Having focused on both map making and environment building in previous story arcs, the next aspect of a campaign for me to improve upon is the story behind the campaign. The sonnet above is both the inspiration for the campaign and a product of the story.

For my High School English class I had to write a sonnet but I wanted it to be unique and interesting, which is where I came up for the idea of a death threat. From there, it sparked the idea for the entire campaign. This letter is supposedly written to Mayor Vivian Claxton, but she actually penned it herself, to lure in and test the abilities of adventurers. She presides over a town that is just now becoming industrialized, thanks to the discovery of extremely valuable gems in a nearby cavern system. However, the miners that are in the caves are adversly affected by the gems themselves, with resulting pain and disfigurement. As for Mayor Claxton’s plans, she wants to build a machine that will cure her people’s suffering by removing their sense of pain, but needs the adventurers’ help to do so.

If you want to read a brief story featuring Mayor Vivian Claxton, click here.

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