Packing Puzzle

This is the paper prototype for a game that I created. The idea for the mechanics came from pondering over types of puzzles that could thematically fit in a steampunk environment. This is one of my ideas, as the theme is that you are loading supplies into either a wagon or a zeppelin, so the items have to obey certain rules of placement. While I currently have only created 6 puzzles, I could easily create more challenges as well as adding further constraints on the placement of different materials.

If you want to see the solutions, click here!

Gear’s Restoration

As a steampunk enthusiast, I was determined to create a game where the mechanics themselves felt steampunk and the game was distinctive, not just a skin applied to another genre of game. My solution to this dilemma is Gear’s Restoration, a puzzle game which is focused around how gears actually interact in the real world. While I currently only have 10 puzzles, the mechanics are deep enough to easily generate a hundred more.

The first version of the game concept was created out of a hotel notepad, and has undergone playtesting and multiple iterations and revisions to get to the paper product where it currently stands. Once I master Unity, I plan to create a digital prototype. If you want to see a sample playtest questionnaire, please click here. These questions came from Tracy Fullerton’s Game Design Workshop book.

If you wish to see the solutions, please click here.

RNG Gods

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What sacrifice have you made recently to appease the gods of the random number generator? Which god is your patron? Now you can find out using RNG Gods! A strategy resource game with the power to change fate itself. This game comes with three different deities, each with their own unique skill tree and playstyle! Who can build more monuments to their deity first?!

Inspired by people wishing for luck from “RNGesus”, I created this game for my final project in my first year of programming. The game is made in C#.

If you want to download, and play for yourself, click here, and if you want to see the source code, click here!



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Have you ever wanted to take care of a pet, but with none of the hassle? Did you enjoy games like Tamagotchi but found that they took too long? Well I have a game for you: Ikimono! This game contains 5 unique monsters and a shop to spend earned coins. Danger: random events happen when your pet levels up! How long can your pet survive?!

Inspired by games like Tamagotchi, I created this game in my first year of programming. I created all the sprites using GIMP and programmed it using C#.

If you want to try the game for yourself, click here, and if you want to see the source code, click here.


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Some people ask me why this game is called shoot-the-dudes. It’s a pretty simple answer. There are dudes, and you shoot them. As for the actual game-play, it is a stealth game with five different types of enemies. Each enemy has a conical view that extends a limited distance. The most basic type of enemy can only see one direction, another type can see in two, some have a tripwire between them that must be disabled, one has perfect 180 degree vision, and one revives fallen enemies. The mechanics of the game are two-player unequal controls, where one player sets up the mission and places the enemies, while the other player is tasked with eliminating every enemy or completing the objective. Enemies are eliminated when knocked over, either by being shot with NERF bullets or by hand.

Artistic Creations


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In my time as a creator, I have experimented with different mediums. These are five art pieces that I am quite fond of. Most of the works shows were produced at an art camp that I attended. I still doodle and play around with paints every now and then, but I’ve largely moved on to other mediums.


Hexagonal Box (Closed)


Hexagonal Box (Open)

This is a very uniquely shaped box that I made with the help of my father. While not being exceedingly amazing at holding objects, the method of opening the box itself makes it notable. However, this box has proved useful when it comes to school projects, and provides a decent place to put my keys and wallet.

Manga Characters

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After receiving a “How to Draw —” book as a gift, I spent my free time in class on these pencil sketches. I really enjoyed creating these characters, but found I enjoy creating backstory more than their actual images.

Heads vs. Hats


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I was bored while camping, so I came up with this game so I would have something to do with my brother. The original version of the game was made with drawn lines in the ground, using leaves for heads and rocks for hats. The heads move like pawns, and the hats move like checkers, with the sides of the boards looping. The way to win was to take all of your opponent’s pieces. After we had gotten home, we wanted to continue playing so we built the same game board out of legos.

Lego Puzzle Box

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Inspired by traditional wooden Japanese puzzle boxes, I created my own from legos. It is only a three-step design, but is surprisingly difficult to solve. The usage of multi-colour and randomly placed bricks help disguise the joints of the puzzle.