Fouroh’s Tomb

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Fouroh’s Tomb is a tile-placement secret traitor game where you must construct the tomb for the Pharaoh before they die! Build enough good symbols to guide their spirit to the afterlife and not be trapped forever! However, one of you workers is a traitor and trying to sabotage the tomb! Find out who it is and prevent too much harm before it’s too late!

Fouroh’s Tomb was created for an introductory game design class in a team of 3. The game came from ideation to the final product in two weeks, and had 10 documented playtests. I was chiefly in charge of Ideation, Itteration, Playtesting, and Rules. Fouroh’s Tomb was designed with several constraints in mind. The game had to have: tile placement or building, involve a secret traitor, and have memory be an integral aspect of the game. This game achieved all of those constraints highly successfully.

All 40 square room tiles are double sided, half with bad, half with good. However, only the person placing the tiles knows what they constructed. Since the other players don’t know what is on the underside of each tile, the traitor then can lie about what they built in order to not be caught.

Furthermore, the rooms have a varying number of entrances, which leads to extremely interesting gameplay. This is because players can either quarenteen themselves or others in order to garentee safe tiles or guarentee bad ones.

Players also CANNOT replace tiles that they have placed themselves, which makes memory even more important, since you have to remember who placed what tiles as well as what they said they were.

Finally, players still are not without opportunity to figure out the traitor, using a special ability to look whether the tile they are on is either safe or bad, and then they can reveal that information to the other players verbally. This then allows the traitor to try and place the blame on another player.

Click here to read the rulebooklet.

The name came from balancing the game, where all numbers being four lead to a fun game.

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