Masking the Murder

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Masking the Murder is a third person rhythm action hybrid game for PC where you play as an assassin aiming to get revenge on one who betrayed you. Set in a grand dance hall, your target is hidden amongst the other dancers in the room. Remain hidden and blend in to close the distance to take them out. Will you mask the murder?

If you would like to try this game for yourself, click here to download a build for Windows and Mac!

Masking the Murder was developed over the course of 10 weeks with about 160 people hours worth of work. Except for a handful of assets, all content and assets were created during this time period. I programmed any system that interacted with the music and rhythm, as well as about half of the other code. For a code sample, please click here.

In addition to programming, I rigged and animated the characters, as well as modelled the trees and the chandeliers.

Masking the Murder was inspired by a scene from John Wick, where John was in a large dance hall, shooting on beat with the music in order to remain undetected.

This game also served as an experimental test to work with third person cameras, as well as creating a rhythm game, especially one mixed with a shooter.

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