Ruined Factory

Wandering about and looking for a job, my adventurers came across a remote village near a large forest. The village specialized in constructing ovoid wooden lanterns known throughout the land for their quality of craftsmanship and the industructability of the wood. After resting for a night, they were approached with a quest. A villager had heard a “legend” from one of the town children that there that there was an old lantern factory that was haunted, and the villager wanted the adventurers to see if the rumors were factual. Supposedly, the outside of the old factory was in shambles but the inside was still spotless. Accepting the quest, the adventurers traveled to the old factory, and found that the building was as the rumors had said: shambles on the outside, sparkling clean on the inside. Exploring through the ruins, they found an old automaton, still tasked with cleaning the factory. Seeing dirt on the clothes of the heroes, the robot attacked!

For this campaign I wanted the players to try a more exploration/dungeon based quest. I also wanted to make a much more linear experience than previous campaigns, as I had been leaving my worlds and quest lines a bit too open ended. This also allowed me to create maps for the insides of buidings, another thing I hadn’t done much of in previous campaigns.

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